Hey i'd fuck you! Btw love the blog c:

Haha! Thank you! I bet you have a pretty good blog too


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You are not alone~

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It’d be nice to get a “hey I’d fuck you” every once in a while

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Why can’t you just say I did good? Come on. Why can’t you say it?

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my favorite part of concerts is when the band plays a song everyone knows so everyone’s singing along all out of tune but then the singer stops singing and they point the mic at the crowd and u just hear everyone in the crowd singing the words to the music and u see the smiles on the band members’ faces bc they know people care about their music and everyone’s just so happy who cares about anything else

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I just want someone to call me baby and talk to me till I fall asleep.

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almost time for american horrow story… IT’S TIME!

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I wish the ring had never come to me.

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who wants to give up on society and go live in a treehouse with me

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